Don't fight-get it right.

Meeting with a clientStay out of court and preserve your dignity. Mediation allows you to save time and money and move on with your life.

In divorce cases, I will meet with each party individually and then together. We talk through solutions to child custody, property division and other issues as needed. As a mediator, I do not represent either of you individually; but I can help you finish your paperwork.

Family Law: Divorce, child custody and placement, child support, property division, post-judgment and guardianships.

Child custody and placement: Working through how both parents will share the rights and responsibilities of co-parenting their minor children.

Post-judgment: mediation to address changes one or both parents would like to make to the existing court order.

Civil Litigation: For a modest cost, facilitative mediation can help the parties explore real dialogue about all the issues, legal and non-legal, rather than simply exchange offers.

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